Bisbee Douglas International Airport

Arizona’s Bisbee Douglas International Airport is located in the city of Douglas, Arizona, and serves the nearby cities of Bisbee and Douglas. The airport is owned and operated by the City of Douglas and is a general aviation airport. It has one runway, which is 5,000 feet long and 100 feet wide. The airport offers a variety of services, including aircraft maintenance, fueling, and flight instruction. It also has a restaurant and a gift shop. The airport is home to a variety of aircraft, including single-engine, multi-engine, and jet aircraft. The airport is also home to a number of charter and air taxi services.


Bisbee Douglas International Airport is located in Bisbee, Arizona. Nearby cities include Douglas, Arizona; Sierra Vista, Arizona; and Tombstone, Arizona. Nearby airports include Tucson International Airport (TUS), Sierra Vista Municipal Airport (FHU), and Tombstone Municipal Airport (P03).

City: Douglas/Bisbee

State: Arizona



Size: medium airport

Lattitude: 31.46899986

Longitude: -109.6039963

Elevation: 4154 feet