Clayton Municipal Airport

The Clayton Municipal Airport is located in Clayton, Alabama and is owned and operated by the City of Clayton. The airport is a public-use facility and is open to the public. It has one runway that is 4,000 feet long and is used for general aviation. The airport also has a terminal building, a fuel farm, and a maintenance facility. The airport is used for recreational flying, business travel, and air ambulance services. The airport is also home to the Clayton Aviation Academy, which provides flight training and aircraft rental services.


Clayton Municipal Airport is located in Clayton, Alabama. Nearby cities include Eufaula, Abbeville, Ozark, and Dothan. Nearby airports include Eufaula Municipal Airport, Dothan Regional Airport, and Ozark Municipal Airport.

City: Clayton

State: Alabama



Size: small airport

Lattitude: 31.883301

Longitude: -85.484901

Elevation: 435 feet